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Give your business success another boost: whether you are a small firm or a large corporation, choose the best taxi service in Fairfax County, and don’t miss a client/partner meeting ever again. Your business deserves everything Fairfax Yellow Cab has to offer.


Turn your drab airport experience into a comfy and convenient delight: Fairfax Yellow Cab will mind your airport transportation better than you thought possible. Great rates, tracked flights, helpful staff – all in one place.


Don’t stress over having a number of stops and very little time: Fairfax Yellow Cab door to door transportation is taking you to any location on your map for the day. Stay as long as you need, get everywhere you must – it’s that easy!


Fairfax Yellow Cab team is committed to making your rides comfortable and enjoyable. With the company’s wheelchair accessible vans and trained drivers, you’ll get the best non emergency medical transportation in Fairfax County.


Prompt, wallet-friendly and effective, Fairfax Yellow Cab’s package delivery service is everything you need for your packages, letters, documents, and other items to arrive at the agreed location in one piece and on time. Yes, on weekends, too.


Why people of Fairfax love us?

24 hours,
7 days a week

Available non-stop, your favorite taxicab near me is actively working on making your rides the most pleasant and budget-friendly experience in Fairfax County.


Hybrid Cabs Available

Let’s raise awareness and try to save Mother Nature together: Fairfax Yellow Cab is one of the first companies in Fairfax County to offer hybrid-car rides.


FaIrfax yellow cab

Looking to upgrade your satisfaction with every new service, Fairfax Yellow Cab designed Cab Coupons for you, your favorite youngsters and seniors.


Trusted & Reliable

UPair up with a company that would never jeopardize your safety or put you on the spot. With Fairfax Yellow Cab – every ride is risk-free, and every schedule honored.


Let’s get booking

From full-sized cabs to wheelchair accessible vans, Fairfax Yellow Cab makes sure your transportation needs are met, and expectations exceeded. A well-maintained fleet of cars with ample space and beautiful interiors sure makes for the best taxi service there is! Going green? Yes! Fair Fax’s hybrid “greener” cars are actively paving the way to a cleaner environment.

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Your trust in us matters

One of the best services I’ve used in a long time. Despite my two-hour flight delay upon arrival, the driver was still waiting for me, clearly marked and very polite. This was a fantastic experience, and I’ll be booking with Fairfax Yellow Cab again for sure.

Gaylene R. Hyatt

I book door to door service as I work in sales, and the ride is faultless every time. The cars are clean, drivers super polite and on time, and I never spend too much money on the service. You have to try it!

Michael L. Plunkett

Every service is excellent, no exception. Just fantastic. This is how customers should be treated. We recommend it and will use it again.

Andrea D. Higgins

Simple booking, early taxi arrivals, hassle-free rides, great prices – that’s what I call professional cab service.

Earl J. Rios

Everything about Fairfax Yellow Cab service is excellent. I’ve been booking with them times and times again – everything from airport service to regular rides, and I love it.

Simona P. Jackson

Fantastic! The company is incredibly professional, drivers cultured, flexible and always on time – and that’s more than I need for a successful business day on the road. Thanks!

Tom A. Suber

I always have my packages and documentation delivered via Fairfax Yellow Cab as they’ve proven very reliable more than once! I recommend it to everyone who needs confidential documents delivered fast and secure.

Melvin M. Green

We always book airport transportation with Fairfax Yellow Cab, and it’s never a let-down for us. The drivers are helpful and super sweet, and they make everything easier!

Beverly C. Millner

Excellent communication with everyone in the company – from the agents to the drivers! Always happy to answer all questions, explain things in detail, engage in polite conversations while on the road… I enjoy using Fairfax Yellow!

Terry K. Halladay

When you ride with Fairfax Yellow Cab you always get a taxi service that’s so upgraded that you feel like you are in a limo. I love their commitment to the customer. Honestly, the best in Fairfax County!

Dianna J. Stocker